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Body Treatment
Body Treatment


Specifically targeting problem areas of muscle tension. Advanced massage techniques used to ease aways the stresses and strains caused by daily life. Muscle tensions in the back, neck and shoulder areas will be eased, with the massage not only leaving you feeling exceptionally good, but relaxed and invigorated too.

Benefits of Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage include:

  • Enhanced feeling of relaxation and contentment
  • Relief from pain, eg headaches and back pain and from stress and tension
  • The release of endorphins, the body’s feel good hormones
  • Improved blood and lymph circulation
  • Increased energy levels and feels of vitality
  • Injury recovery
  • A general sense of health and well-being
  • Highly relaxing and deep cleansing Back Massage Treatment incorporating cleanse and exfoliation to stimulate circulation and cell renewal. With a luxuriously relaxing Aromatherapy Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage to leave you totally revitalised.


There is nothing better than having the perfect tan. Whether you prefer an all-over bronze glow, strong colour or a lighter, natural tone, St. Tropez provides a powerful, healthy self-tanner for all types of sun kissed needs. The fast-acting and luxurious formulas will always deliver the rich, even and believable colour you are craving. St. Tropez Therapists will exfoliate the skin, customise the tan and apply the lotion.


Lymph cleansing is the basic of weight loss. Until the body does not rid off the accumulated cell debris, the excess fat and the water cushions, there is no sense to real lipolysis.

In this treatment we use our self developed cellulite cream, the HV CELLUCARE THERMO CELLULITE CREAM containing paprika extract, which we apply to initiate the activation of the fat cells to increase their metabolism and thereby reduce their size. After all, we have the same number of them during our lives, it is only their size that is changing. As a result, body and soul are immediately relieved and metabolism is normalised.


  • STEP 1.-CLOTHING REMOVAL: Before your body wrap can begin, you will need to strip down to your underwear or a bikini. You can wear a comfortable top if only your lower half is undergoing a wrap, or some shorts if you’re undergoing a bust wrapalone
  • STEP 2. – EXFOLIATION: Those who have selected a wrap comprising exfoliation will first have their therapist promote dead skin cell removal through dry exfoliation gloves
  • STEP 3. – FORMULA APPLICATION AND WRAPPING: Your esthetician will then begin applying a HV CelluCare Anti-Cellulite thermo cream formula to your body and limbs, wrapping each area in plastic film before moving to the next.
  • STEP 4. – RELAX: You’ll then be left alone to relax for up to half an hour to allow the treatment to do its magic. Alternatively, the therapist may stay and give you an invigorating Express facial treatment.
  • STEP 5. – UNWRAP AND RINSE: Your spa therapist will then unwrap you.
  • STEP 6. – MOISTURISE: At the end of your treatment, your esthetician will apply a final moisturiser HV HydroCare body cream to all areas of your skin to protect and soften it.


Detoxification: Body wraps featuring detoxifying algae, seaweed, mud or clay can help rid the body of toxins through metabolic skin cell stimulation. As your largest organ, detoxification of the epidermis can have a significant effect on your health and overall well-being

Temporary inch and/or weight loss: Wraps with detoxifying ingredients teamed with firmly wound bandages will see you sweat out any excess water and toxins, and also tighten your skin. This can temporarily improve the contours of your body and see you lose a dress size or two

Dead skin removal: Wrap treatments comprising an exfoliation stage will see dead skin cells lifted, providing you a smoother complexion top-to-toe and a flattering glow. You can enjoy before your wrap the body exfoliation. Intensive moisturisation: The vast majority of wraps comprise moisturising ingredients to hydrate, nourish and smooth your skin for improved condition

Relaxation: Once you’re fully wrapped by your esthetician, you’ll be left to relax for up to 30 minutes. This will provide you with valuable – and rare – mental and physical downtime.

£ 45 /45min
Express Cellulite Treatment
£ 35 /35min
Back and Shoulder Massage
£ 52 /60min
Full Body
£ 35 /45min
Lotion Tan

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